Light is hope, from which we see the invisible from the visible
Light is hope from which we see the invisible from the visible


To win over the enduring battle, we need to change our mindset. Worldwide, Covid-19 has been feeding on racist bias, uninformed indifference, and ignorant arrogance, bringing down political leaders, Hollywood stars, robust sportsmen,and ordinary citizens alike. Unfortunately, despite that the World Health Organization has declared a global pandemic, so many has done so little to contain the virus’s devastating impact. How could it be “a common flu” when it has swept across continents and claimed thousands of lives? Let’s not bury our heads in the sand and face up to the new reality-the world is sick, and we should be united to beat our common enemy.

The, a nongovernmental nonprofit initiative, is launched to awaken nations to the magnitude of the ongoing threat and call for concerted international action to minimize our losses to it. Through the project, we want to share with the rest of the world the Chinese experience in effectively containing the virus and disperse mistrust and prejudice boasted by some towards China and Asia at large, which could undermine our effort to bring the world back on track. We adopt the name “light from China” as we believe in hope, love, and a brighter future, as is symbolized by light. We envision that with this project, we can bring light to more people in the world amid fear and darkness.

May the world peaceful and prosperous again! Together, We Will Win!