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Daily Coronavirus Map Update On 22/06/2020

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The coronavirus map date shown below is taken from the World Health Organization (WHO) and related governmental bodies of related countries. We only update one time at 5 PM (GMT+8) each day. So, by the time when you see the date here, the date might have changed. Plus, related governmental bodies of some countries might not update daily, so there is also some date delayed or missing too. Anyway, we hope our detailed daily updated coronavirus map will help you get a better picture about the trend and distribution of the COVID-19.

Global Overview

T(N): Total Confirmed(New) D(N): Death(New) C&R(N): Countries & Regions(New)

Date China Outside China Globally
Total Confirmed(New)T(N) Death(New)D(N) Total Confirmed(New)T(N) Death(New)D(N) Total Confirmed(New)T(N) Death(New)D(N)
22.Jun 85,049(49) 4,646(0) 9,008,784(153,210) 466,263(3,721) 9,093,833(153,259) 470,909(3,721)
21.Jun 85,002(31) 4,645(1) 8,843,365(113,524) 462,286(3,980) 8,928,367(113,555) 466,932(3,981)
20.Jun 84,970(30) 4,645(0) 8,717,744(165,412) 458,056(5,722) 8,802,714(165,442) 462,701(5,722)

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