Time to Change

Time to Change! Why Should We Take it Seriously?

A saying goes that slight negligence may lead to great disaster. Taking serious actions is the only right approach to fight against the COVID-19. Now, the virus has been raging across the world due to negligence, which is partly triggered by ignorance to a "novel" virus, but bias, arrogance and selfishness play a more important role. When 1.4 billion Chinese people, fighting against the COVID-19 with indomitable determination and effective measures at a painful cost, many onlookers pay little attention. What do they do? The arrogant show little interest, the selfish only care about their "freedom" and "party", and the biased keep finger-pointing and ridiculing. Such "negligence" worsens the situation and leaves the whole world in the panic of the virus.

Unfortunately, in many regions, the suspension of transportation and lockdown of cities and countries still fail to raise the public's awareness of the gravity of the pandemic. While some people still pay little interest to this novel virus, some are still too stubborn. At this moment when human's safety and future are challenged with unparalleled threats, we post this article, hoping to help you relearn the COVID-19 rather than comment right or wrong. If you happen to pop into this article, we sincerely invite you to spend several minutes more to read through this article that might change your and our life totally in a positive way.

We are neither panic-makers nor moral-advocaters. For us, there is only one message to deliver, "The novel coronavirus could infect anyone regardless of your nationality, skin color and social status. Everyone in the world serves as an essential part in this battle against the pandemic. YOU are indispensable! We are convinced that we will finally prevail over this outbreak if we think alike, cooperate sincerely and react positively."

The world is a community of a shared future for mankind, and EVERYONE shares the responsibility to protect it. Now, let's relearn how the coronavirus is, what impacts it imposes to us and the world, and how we can defeat it!

Relearn the Novel Coronavirus

A. Strong Survival Rate

  1. The virus, on the optimum temperature, is able to survive naturally for several days.
  2. The virus can survive naturally for hours on surfaces of commonly contacted object.
  3. The virus can survive extreme cold and resist relative heat, it becomes inactive after 30 minutes under a temperature of 56℃.
  4. The virus "maintains low profile" and is extremely secretive for its survival.
  5. Hard to confirm. A person couldn't be confirmed until days' observation by virtue of nucleic acid testing, body temperature checking and medical imaging.

B. Powerful Infectiousness

  1. The virus has a wide range of transmission routes, mainly by the respiratory tract, possibly by the mouth, nose and eyes.
  2. The virus has an incubation period up to 7-14 days or even more. The difficulty is that the virus is infectious over this period without any symptom.
  3. The screening to COVID-19 patients is further complicated by the presence of asymptomatic carriers.
  4. The cases of dog or cat infections have appeared, yet there has no case of pet-to-person transmission.

C. Misleading Mortality

  1. The mortality rate is very low at the beginning stage, giving people an illusion that this disease is nothing but a flu, and thus underestimated the mortality of the epidemic.
  2. If the patients with mild and common symptoms are not treated in time, they will turn into severe and critical cases, resulting in the larger base of patients requiring professional treatment, which would lead medical resources overwhelmed and cause sharp rise in mortality rate.
  3. China has been very successful in fighting the epidemic. The mortality rate in places out of Wuhan is extremely low, giving some countries an illusion that since China can do it well, they can do better. However, China today is not what it used to be.

D. Human Position & Measures

  1. The virus is destroying the immune system of healthy people and taking the lives of severe patients. On the macro level, we're pretty passive right now
  2. The virus has already started to mutate. It takes a long time to develop and apply the vaccine, and the mutation adds even more uncertainties.
  3. Before the (not fully developed yet) vaccine come out, we have no choice but to temporarily isolate ourselves in space (no gathering, less going out) and protect ourselves as much as possible with protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, etc.

Summary: The novel coronavirus is highly resilient, very secretive and highly infectious. The patients' early symptoms are mild, which can easily be misdiagnosed as influenza. If the sharp increase in (severe) patients causes the medical resources overwhelmed, the mortality rate will rise significantly. Considering there's no vaccine right now, the best way to protect ourselves is to quarantine, and then quarantine!

Impact to You

1: To Your Body

Let's suppose that you were infected. If you got timely and proper treatment in the early stages, it might not affect you much. But if you missed the opportunity, your condition would be likely to deteriorate to a severe or critical state where only breathing machines and ECMO could save your life. However, these expensive medical devices are so limited that not everyone can use them.
Insufficient medical resources would make you unable to get treatment in time and underlying conditions could lead to further deterioration of your condition. In this case, those with mild symptoms would still get a sequela after recovery, while those critically ill patients could probably die. Now, It is your choice to decide whether a peaceful life or temporary happiness is more important.

2: To Your Family

COVID-19 spreads ruthlessly regardless of age and gender. Instead, the first to get infected is always your closest relative, especially your dare parents, lovely children and siblings. Please take it seriously for your love.
In the climate of "negligence", the virus has evolved into a pandemic. And all losses of the beloved affected by the virus will become painful memories, which also may spend the entire life of survivors to recover from the pain. It is your choice to decide whether to live with pities for the whole life or to take action now.

3: To Your Career

If not properly dealt, the majority of people would carry a heavy financial burden and more of them would lose jobs and stay at home. The economy would also inevitably suffer a hard blow. What we are confronted with is not only the misfortune of career, but also crisis of life. Which would you like to choose? A temporary self-discipline for a lifetime of happiness or a second of joy for sufferings for the entire life.

Impact to the world

Covid-19 as a global pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the world's major economies, where companies and factories have suspended their work and production and thousands are in self-isolation. Political and social crisis are looming worldwide. It is the most daunting challenge the humanity has ever faced since the Second World War. The pandemic tests governments' capacity for emergency response and forces us to reevaluate the economic, political, and ideological landscape of our times, which promises to help us rethink about our future.
Pervasive economic globalization has brought down production costs and facilitated cross-border resources allocation. On the negative side, it has also led to the hollowing-out of the real economy in many states, making them unable to achieve self-sufficiency in terms of many life and medical supplies. This has been the reason behind the unusually high mortality rate of Covid-19 infections in many countries.

On collective issues including climate change, environmental conservation, and public health, many governments have simply done nothing but media tricks represented by intriguing yet gaudy slogans. Excessive individual freedom has covered the truth that mankind exists as a community of shared future and has been undermining the ethical foundation of civic responsibility and cooperation. In places where everything is for gaining more votes, governments supposed to be the proxies of citizen interest inevitably suffer discounted working efficiency and mobilizing power. It has been cleared mirrored in their slack response to the pandemic.

In some ways, humanity has never been so strong. Yet in more ways, it has never been so vulnerable. Living in a deeply interconnected world, countries need to join their hands in addressing major global challenges and crisis, to which no one can stay immune. We should bury the outdated Law of Jungle and the vicious practice of "beggar-thy-neighbor." Instead, we should build a community of shared destiny featuring greater inter-state coordination on all major fronts for improved global governance.

To sum up, it's time to change and take covid-19 issue seriously! No matter where you are on this planet, PLEASE follow the quarantine rules and restrictions.

Pay attention to Personal hygiene, sanitize your hands and wear your mask whenever necessary.

Lastly, wearing a mask does not mean we are sick, on the contrary, it's kind of protection to ourselves, others, planet and future!